CBD Creams An Overview
Properties of CBD How They Interact With Our Skin
The Benefits How Application Can Help
  • CBD Creams An Overview
  • Properties of CBD How They Interact With Our Skin
  • The Benefits How Application Can Help

Is CBD Good For Your Skin?

An Overview

You may already be aware of the benefits of CBD/Hemp focused around reducing nervousness, anxiety, promoting restful sleep, soothing discomfort and helping to find that calm, cool, collective being in the present moment, but CBD/Hemp also has the ability to improve your skin health as well.

While more research is needed before anything can be claimed definitely (including the areas above), existing studies show that CBD's potential for calming skin and supporting skin care.

Our skin in the outer layer, our surface to the ‘external’ world and comes under a lot of interaction and erosion so its import to take good care of it, and set up a routine that helps promote health & wellness but most importantly, reaffirms the positive energy in valuing and taking care of ones self.

This guide takes a look at some of the reasons why you should consider adding CBD to your skincare routine.

Intro To CBD

First, to cover the basics of CBD that is: what is it, what does it (and doesn’t) do. If you would like more in-depth information please feel free to check out our other blogs that dive a little deeper. CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the most well know active ingredients found in the cannabis plant / hemp.

Although CBD can come from the cannabis plant, it does not produce any psychoactive effects we typically associate with cannabis - which comes from an element called THC.

CBD has been researched in-depth and is generally considered safe by the World Health Organisation and has been shown to provide benefits in terms of mood, discomfort and more.

CBD has also been shown to help relieve common skin issues. Whether you suffer from dry skin, redness or are simply looking to take care of your skin, products derived from the hemp plant might help you achieve that.

A few reasons CBD is great for you skin include: Age defying antioxidant properties Soothing properties Antibacterial properties Moisturising & hydrating effects

Many skincare products include dozens of different ingredients blended together to instil the same qualities CBD possesses on its own. Let’s take a closer look at the research on an individual level.

Why CBD Can be Good For The Skin

CBD’s antioxidant properties are one of, if not the biggest reasons that CBD should be integral part of your daily routine & skin care. While we’ve long recognised the importance of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables in our diets, recent research suggest using them for skin “cleansing, massaging, toning and moisturising”.

Popular antioxidant additives great for skin care include: Vitamin C Vitamin A (Retinol) Vitamin E (also good for immune system) Phytoextracts from botanicals (green tea)

These ingredients are great to include in your skincare range as they are thought to combat ‘free radicals’ - unstable molecules produced from too much exposure to harmful condition including sun UV rays, smoke, pollution or football fans. By combating free radicals this can diminish the effects and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, healthy looking skin and provide a more youthful, health look.

Interestingly, A.J Hampson and co from the National Institure of Medicine have found that CBD’s natural antioxidant properties combat neurological damage in mice - often tested due to their close relation to humans biological set up.

While more research needs to be done on CBD skincare, the plants potent antioxidants suggest that this could be a huge improvement and addition to our daily, health & skin care routine.

Therapeutic Properties of CBD

CBD also provides an effect on exercise-induced inflammation to support muscle, skin and joint recovery through CBD Muscle Creams .

Many skincare issues are spawned from vigorous exercise. To live a healthier life, one must look at their holistic routine and that often includes some form of exercise which, can result in the muscle or skincare issues.

CBD can help avoid blemishes and promote an even skin tone, by acting on the cells that produce sebum (an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands), the oil that often clogs pores and leads to blemishes.

Antibacterial Properties Of CBD

CBD has also been found to have antibacterial properties as well which is particularly useful right now given everything that’s going on! Specifically, CBD has been found to act on a class of bacteria called Gram-positive bacteria, which are often associated with blemishes however, bacterial imbalance can be associated with a variety of skin issues.

If you suffer from an uneven skin tone or clogged pores than CBD Skin Cream might just be the thing you were looking for.

The Benefits Of CBD Creams

So you now have an overview of how CBD cream and its powerful antioxidants and therapeutic agents that can boost not only your skincare but overall daily healthcare routine. It’s also important to know that you can also reap the rewards and boost your results by utilising CBD in a variety of different ways which can all work together.

The benefits of topical application

Some of the most noticeable benefits may come from applying CBD directly to your skin, muscle or joint areas. A 2009 study suggests that our skin is primed with receptors for CBD and when appropriately absorbed, can help soothe dry skin, help muscle & joint soreness and (we believe) promote wellbeing due to the simple mental act of taking care of yourself.

Skin condition CBD can help address

  • -Blemishes - Because of CBD’s therapeutic properties many studies have found that it can be an effective treatment for blemishes, which can be caused by inflammation.

    -Redness, bumps & irritation - If you skin often becomes red, itchy or inflamed, CBD skin products can help due to their antimicrobial and anti-itching properties.

    -Dryness and dullness - CBD’s hydrating and antioxidant effects can help to effectively moisturise your skin. By working against the factors and mechanisms that cause ageing / sings of ageing e.g. lines, CND-infused products may leave you with a brighter complexion.


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