The four most popular ways to ingest CBD oil are as follows:

1. Sublingual (under the tongue)

Reputed to be one of the most efficient ways to take a CBD hemp extract, this is where a couple of CBD oil drops are held under the tongue for a few minutes to allow it to be absorbed by the sublingual gland and mucous membrane found in the mouth. The benefit of taking CBD Oil, tinctures or sprays sublingually is that it bypasses the digestive system allowing the cannabinoids to be utilised quicker and remain more intact.

2. Oral Ingestion

This is where you consume CBD Products and they enter your digestive tract before being passed through the liver into the bloodstream. Examples of this include CBD infused drinks like coffee and tea, edibles such as chocolates or products like CBD capsules and gummies. As the liver metabolizes the CBD it can result in what is known as a lack of bioavailability meaning that some of the beneficial cannabinoids can be lost in the digestion process.

3. Inhalation

Known for its high bioavailability, this is where CBD is most commonly vaped or smoked, allowing it to enter the bloodstream via the lungs. Although it may not be suitable for all users, it is favoured by many as a very fast and effective way of ingesting cannabinoids due to the large surface area of the lungs.

4. Topically (skin)

Where CBD and hemp extracts are incorporated into balms, creams and salves that are applied directly to the skin and absorbed via the cannabis receptors that are found there. This is a popular choice for people that want to focus on a particular area of the body.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide to ingesting CBD.

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