What factors can effect CBD?

How Long Does CBD Last?

CBD affects everyone differently, so when it comes to how long CBD lasts, you will find again that it will vary from person to person.

On average, most people report that the effects of CBD can last anywhere between 2-8 hours. While there are a multitude of factors involved, the type of CBD product and how you take it will have a key influence on how long the CBD will last.

It goes without saying that if you are new to CBD then always do your research and start off with a low dose, gradually working your way up from there in order to find out what works best for you and your body.

It’s important you find a method of CBD ingestion that works for your and your lifestyle as well. For example, CBD oil drops are easily applied to a cup of coffee but for those non-coffee lovers, a CBD vape could be the best option.

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