CBD Vape Juice An Overview
Vape Pens Choose one Right For you
Flavours Different Flavour | Different Mood
  • CBD Vape Juice An Overview
  • Vape Pens Choose one Right For you
  • Flavours Different Flavour | Different Mood

CBD Vape Juice

An Overview

CBD Vape Juice is a great way to enhance your flow throughout the day. With a smooth CBD vape you can supplement your daily patterns and routines, while getting the benefits of cannabinoids sun rise to sun down.

On the surface vaping CBD can be seen as a way to quit smoking, which it definitely can be, we however, like to think of it more as bringing attention to the breath, consciously or subconsciously.

It’s a form of meditation in a way. It brings you back to the present moment, back to the now.

A vape pen doesn’t have to be a required thing for your day but for those creatives, entrepreneurs and defiers vaping can be part of that moment where ideas come to manifest.

How do I Choose The Right Vape Pen?

Choosing a vape pen that best suits your personality is a great thought process to follow, as you'll find a vape pen will quickly become an accessory to you.

Think of it like this..

Clothing is more than just a way to utilise fabrics to maintain a deserved temperature. It's a way to express ones personality, feelings, thoughts, desires and ambitions. Its the same for a vape pen.

Vape pens come in all different shapes, sizes, colours and can be split into two different categories, either mouth to lung (MTL) or Sub Ohm.

If you are looking for a pen style that enables a full breathe in (for the cannabis / cigarette smokers out there as an alternative to smoking) then the MTL styled vape pen would be ideal.

If you come from a shisha background or are simply looking to get a vape kit that produces more vapour, then you may want to lean towards a Sub Ohm pen.

What CBD Vape Juice Flavour is right for me?

Each vape juice flavour can be coupled with a unique mood or even time of the day. For example the Heisenberg CBD e-liquid provides an injection of moistness and fruity flavour, perfect for a lunchtime pick me up.

Compare that to the vanilla CBD vape oil which gives you a wonderful sweet treat, perfect for the end of the day. Try out different flavours at different times and see which flavour best maximises each unique experience.

Vaping is about honing in on your present task while enhancing the experience. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned vaper or fresh onto the scene. Find what works for you, what pen, what flavour, what moment.

Be aware of the health benefits & risks. Remember its your life so ultimately everything that counts is in your control.

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