Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

Short answer – no, taking CBD products won’t instantaneously make you feel sleepy or make you unusually tired if you take it during the day. However, taking CBD is linked to improving sleep.

In a recent study focused on adults with concerns surrounding anxiety or poor sleep, 66.7% of participants improved their length and quality of sleep within the first month of taking CBD. With these exceptional results, it isn’t surprising that CBD is often correlated with improving sleep.

So, why doesn’t taking CBD in daylight hours make you sleepy?

CBD works with your brain's receptors to heighten what you need at specific points in the day – meaning that it will work with your natural day to night cycle.

If you take CBD oil in the morning for example, it will help you to feel energised and focused as it taps into your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to enhance your daily functions.

However, if you take CBD in the evening – for example, a few drops of natural CBD oil in your evening cup of tea – it will aid your natural evening wind down.

CBD can help you fall asleep as the cannabinoid improves the brain's ability to deal with stress and relieve tension. This effect will result in a calmer mind which can improve your ability to fall asleep faster.

Essentially, CBD will help you achieve a good night's sleep by calming the mind – but it won't make you reach for your pillow for an 11 am snooze.

In fact, regular morning use of CBD will increase your focus and support memory retention. These core CBD benefits can optimise your efficiency and keep you ‘in the zone’ during the working day, giving you the best of both worlds!

CBD enhancement will help you stay focused and controlled during the day as well as making you relaxed and calm in the evening.